Jamie Bayer




I was so blessed to grow up in a home that promoted all kinds of art. From painting and working with yarn to sculpting and weaving wild grass to make baskets. I grew up in the Mojave Desert where the Sierra Nevada's were my playground. In my teens we moved to the high deserts of Utah where I had the Flaming Gorge and Green River in my back yard.

But the Northwest kept calling me from the first time I visited when I was young. Day dreaming all my life to be a painter of beautiful scenery. The kind of scenery you see on puzzle boxes.

When I pick up the brush I vision myself walking through my painting and imagine the sounds that reside within it.

When I sit down to paint there is a freedom and peace that surrounds me. It is like living the most beautiful, perfect day on earth. To be able to play with the colors and create whatever my mind pictures is such a wonderful feeling. The painting guides and pulls me along where it wants me to go.

I strive to keep my mind and heart open to new ideas, techniques and methods to bring joy and warmth to someone else with each and every piece of work I do.

Wishing Everyone beautiful colors in every day of their lives.

Jamie Bayer

Bearpaw Studio and Fine Arts


"Indian Summer"


"The Color of Fall"

"Morning of Gold"

Jamie Bayer © Copyright 2015

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