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Sue Kramer


I have always love art and have admired all types of art since I can remember. I took art classes in school every chance I could. Over the years I was so involved in raising four children and working full time and, like so many other parents this left no time or very little time for personal art work. When my children were older or moved out of the nest, I took some art classes in my spare time both privately and at Clark College. I retired in 2014 and decided one day to try pastel art as I had a box of pastels given to me years ago and have discovered a new joy. I am self taught and learn more and more each project. I have won awards a various County Fairs and have done commission work of peoples pets, boats and children. I enjoy painting in between my other love for basket making and love the time to do these projects that retirement affords me.

One day while on a break at work one of my coworkers was working on a small item that drew my attention. She showed me the start of a pine needle basket she was working on and explained that she had been making baskets for almost thirty years. She showed me what she was doing and I wanted to learn more. Once she started teaching me on our lunches and breaks, I was hooked!

That was 5 years ago and I have been weaving ever since.I have won numerous awards at various County Fairs for my baskets. There is an old saying that I heard about basket weavers "Each basket you make holds a piece of the weavers sole" I believe that to be true. By the way, my teacher became one of my dearest friends and we still continue to weave together every chance we get.

mountain sunrise

"Mountain Sunrise"

pine needle basket with lid

Pine Needle Basket with Lid

Dog Portrait 1

"Dog Portrait 1"

Dog  Portrait 2

"Dog Portrait 2"

Pine Needle Basket With Handle

"Pine Needle Basket with Handle"

Pine Needle Basket

"Pine Needle Basket"

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