Ramona Lauzon
Mrs. Patterson, my third grade teacher in Castle Rock gave me the encouragement and support that sparked the interest in art. My first painting lessons began with Windell Ellis at the age 15. He taught me the basics of how to paint in oils. We studied the 'Dutch Style' of painting by the works of Rembrandt. In recent years, I had a class from Carol Boudreau, a watercolor artist to help me on my way in watercolors. I had some wonderful lessons with Kathryn Lloyd, a portrait artist in oils. It was to fill in questions I had about portrait painting that I didn?t understand. All three artists are masters in their own medium. 1974, and at the age of 18, the man of my dreams came along and we were married. When I was 24, Ed and I had a beautiful daughter that became the focus of our lives. With marriage and Michelle, my painting was set aside, picking up the brush after some years later.
In the Tulip Field Tulip Fields Model Ship
Deer at Mt St Helens Little Falls at Beaver Creek Honkers
Glass Floats
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