Arlis Fulgham


Arlis Fulgham


My interest in art began at an early age. However my first art classes were in college where I took creative chalk and silk screen. In the 1970’s and 80’s I took oil painting and tole painting classes which I really enjoyed. My teaching career here in Longview from 1960-1990 required most of my time, so I took a break from painting. After retiring I began watercolor classes with Ellen Liddell, who has had the most influence on my painting. Watercolor has become my medium of choice. Several other instructors have helped me develop my own style of painting including Jim Westall, Dr. Campiche, Evelyn Wright, Zoltan Szabo and Terry Madden.
Photography is another interest if mine and I often paint from photographs. Flowers are my favorite subject but I also enjoy scenery and challenging myself to try new subject matter and techniques. I enjoy sharing what I learn with others. The teacher in me has been kindled and I have taught several beginning watercolor classes.
I have been a member of the Columbian Artists for over 15 years and have actively served in many different positions.


"Oops"                   11" x 14"


"Sienna"                 36" x 39"


"Jes Sittin Here"     16" x 20"


"Autumn"                22" x 28"


"Ripe on the Vine"  22" x 28"


"Sunburst"              39" x 36"

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