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Columbian Artists Association has been proudly working with the community to create an innovative means to support and promote the arts. Be a part of our group and enjoy many opportunities offered as a member.

Fall 2018 Membership Library Show Winners


1st Place - ”Memorial” Krista Mead

2nd Place - “Lithia Creek 2” Carol Boudreau

3rd Place - “Lou the Carver” Krista Mead

Honorable Mention - “England” Jessie Camerer


1st Place - ”Alders” Donna Patching

2nd Place - “Lorraine: Last Call” Claudette Moe

3rd Place - “Moored Fishing Boat” Mitzi Christensen

Honorable Mention - “Ruby Beach” Beth Norwood

Mixed Media

1st Place - “Niagra Nostalgic” Linda Erling-Baker

2nd Place - “Snooze” Alan Brunk

3rd Place - “Whirly Girll” Janis Newton

Honorable Mention - “Cannon Beach” Scott McRae

Show Ends October 31st

Located at Koth Gallery in the Longview Public Library

Membership Information

Those artists interested in joining the association are encouraged to come to our meetings the first Tuesday of each month at 10am. The meeting is held at the Baird House located in the alley of St Stephen's Episcopal Church located on 22nd and Louisiana. Come join us from 10am til noon. It's great to share our experiences, look forward to new opportunities, learn new techniques, and challenge each other.

Become a member by filling out an application available on our Applications page.

Columbian Artists Association Officers

Janis Newton - President  360-423-1073

Nancy Knowles and Linda Riggs - 1st Vice-President

Alan Brunk - 2nd Vice-President  360-274-2882

Barbara Dunlap- Secretary  360-636-4108

Mary Fortner-Smith - Treasurer  360-274-5844

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